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Let me start by telling you a secret... I have never been a snacker. NOPE! you will never find me reaching for a bag of chips, sneaking cookies, or rummaging through the cabinets for the last bag of popcorn. I was and always will pick a sandwich or leftovers, over a quick snack.

With that being said, wine was my snack substitute so no worries, I was still drowning myself in empty calories and way too much sugar (basically the same thing as a sleeve of chocolate chip cookies).

Now that I have changed my eating habits I actually find myself interested in snacks (let's be real ... I really want all the cookies!) Here are some healthier options that are full of flavor minus the bullsh!t. whether you are keto, vegan, or just watching your calories intake, you shouldn't have to forgo quality just to look and feel good!

Quevos an egg white crisps are simply amazing!! These low carb, keto and diabetic friendly snacks are not only healthy but packed with flavor with a serious crunch! There are 5 flavors including dill pickle and mesquite bbq (which are my favorite flavors) . These snacks have 8 grams of protein and 4 grams net carbs. Take a look for yourself and buy a sample pack to try all 5 flavors!

My new weakness is a good chocolate chip cookie! I've been doing so much baking lately and finally got to taste some of my goodies! Unfortunately for me that makes me want them even more! I have done some research and while I haven't tried them yet I ordered some Fat Snax cookies. These cookies are not only keto friendly, they are sugar and gluten free. Grab a variety pack and try them with me! (video review coming soon on social media)

The other day my daughter wanted pop-tarts, and I thought about how I use to love them! I went searching for a healthier version of this childhood pastry and found Legendary Foods tasty pastry! I have ordered them and I look forward to trying these gluten free, protein packed snacks.

20g of protein

gluten free

keto friendly

0 sugar/5g net carbs

I can not wait to try these and give you all an update on what I think, let's hope the little one likes them so we can provide a healthier option for her lunchtime treats.

As I prep for my next show I am excited to try new things. Understanding how food effect's my body more and more as I continue to improve and grow. While I may not be able to eat these fun snacks often I can incorporate them in fun cheat meals or possible as a post gym replacement snack. Let me know how you like these snacks if you happen to try them!

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